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© Copyright 2012 Chemical Biology Ventures Limited. All Rights Reserved. Registered in England & Wales number 7968150. Registered office: 30 Upper High Street, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3EZ. Address for correspondence: 123 Alexander Close, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1XD

About Chemical Biology Ventures

Chemical Biology Ventures provides expert project management, advice, review, coaching & project mentoring  to enable & maximise  delivery.


Translational science & education are multidisciplinary endeavours that require diverse skills to be world-class & competitive. Translational projects need effective management & direction by key individuals with vision and leadership to maximise progress & to use resources effectively.


Recognising that exposure to CBV's skills could benefit chemical & biological scientists throughout their careers, CBV provides advice & support to Universities, Research Institutes, Centres & Academics as well as to Biotech, Pharma and their funders eg. Research Councils, Charities, Corporate Investment groups and Venture capital.


CBV Founder & Director, Lloyd Czaplewski, brings an unusually wide breadth of experience that can make a significant impact on project progression. Creating IP, managing portfolio investment decisions, building teams & business, successful fund-raising & due-diligence, business development & Company sale - the whole range of activities required to discover & translate research into products.


CBV Director, Karen Czaplewski, has a background in medical and scientific publishing and brings complementary skills including writing, editing and project management.


Translating Science into Wealth

Contact CBV


Tel: +44 (0) 1235 532481

Mob:          07836 554231


Lloyd Czaplewski supports investment in fundamental & translational research through his roles with Universities.


Funding blue-sky science is important but investing in translational reseach is a critical stepping stone to new products & delivering benefits from research funding.

Translational Science

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